Tenet Four – Freedom to Offend!

The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo one’s own.

Fuck you all motherfuckers!

As with TST Tenet 2, Struggle for Justice, I too have lived my life on the fundamental value of respecting other’s freedoms, including the freedom to offend.

All too often, fake satanists such as Noncey-nonce-boy, JoKing and James Hind, are offended and run to the police to complain, rather than respecting the freedom to offend, as TST Tenet 4 shows us.

“To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo one’s own.”

The trio of fake satanists and impostors in The Satanic Temple willfully and unjustly encroach upon my freedoms, because they aren’t intelligent enough to respond to me, without complaining to police that I’ve “offended” them!

Noncey-nonce-boy, a well known troll, who prides himself on his psychological targeting of his victims, can partake in adult sexually conversation with his peers, but when I make a visible representation of what they discussed, I am deemed rude, and they complain of me being too “offensive.”

I’ve lost count how many times Shellie May, Tink and Nadia Marshall have publicly berated me for being “rude.”

The world really is full of snowflakes, or rather ‘arse-wipes,’ as I like to call them!

There was once a harden police chief who took offence that I compared her to a “whore”, as in a whore to the corporate political cycle of going through one door and another.

She took offence at being called a Nazi, because I compared her Conservative Party to the nasty nazi party.

“Oh gosh Kevin, he saying I’m a member of the Nasty Nazi Party, call the boys, he’s calling me a Nazi and that’s OFFENSIVE!”

I’d only ask the Police Chief in question to contact David ‘Joe’ Neilson, (who remains in hiding too scared to return home in fear of his live by Sussex Police,) in relation any allegations of being involved in a murder cover-up of Katrina Taylor, and the historical child abuse cover-up of John Lenard-Walson.

John Lenard-Walson is an (acclaimed by Nasa) Astrological Photographer.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel for superb up close views of the moon and secret spacecraft circling the Earth.

David Joe Neilson remains in hiding somewhere in Scotland, too scared to return to his home near Brighton, in fear Sussex Police (and organised crime working together,) will kill him.

Joe Neilson

Read more: The Cover-up of the Katrina Murder in Brighton 1996. Who’s repercussions are still being felt today!

To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo one’s own.

I hold Tenet Four so dear to my life because I have been sinned so much in life by people who have willfully and unjustly encroach upon my freedoms; and having done so, bring about their own demise by forgoing their own freedoms in the process.

Its a simple premise I’ve held dear to my heart since childhood.

Do unto others, and others do to you!

As a dangerous psychopath and a son of a more dangerous satanic cult leader, I prefer to give back 100 times the hurt and pain my enemies bestowed upon me by their actions.

Fake Satanist James Hind willfully and unjustly encroached upon my freedoms, by publicly stating that he haven’t “forgotten,” about my involvement in the harassment of innocent parents, in some region of the UK, in which I couldn’t care less!

The same fake satanic member of The Satanic Temple, vows to “keep an eye” on me! WTF?

Read more:

Fake Satanist James Hind is indirectly abusing my kids!

And extract from ‘Analysing Hind’s Response!’

All my enemies have used the “I’m offended,” attack against me.

One of the reasons I’ve joined The Satanic Temple is because I only want a fair crack at the whip. A fair chance in life to be the best and market my talents.

If you can’t beat them, join them!

Who needs Jesus at Christmas?

I used that same logic 25 years ago when I joined the Army as a Royal Military Policeman, and look where that got me!

Read Taylor Tales – A collection of twenty true life stories..

As with being a Royal Military Policeman, being the best is a daily routine.

My enemies simply cannot answer back to my superior intelligence and argument. I am the best. I am the Daddy. And all they need to do now is drop to their knees and repeat after me!


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