The Latest from the Satanists!

The Mouse, (some Scottish paedophile north of the border), says everything I do is “worthless,” while also being the sad pathetic paedo, who scrambles to break the news that I’m back posting dogshit irrelevant videos on YouTube!

A screenshot of his YouTube channel showing three consecutive videos all about me!

Of course when they have nothing else to say, they revert back to the old chest nut:

Satan Lover and Satanic Paedophile leader Dick Dastardly, aka James Swine! Isn’t far behind!

What do the following have in common?

Ruben N, James Swine, Jazzy, MAP Mouse, Sheva Burton, Toad Niedermeier, Elaine Cole, Nadia Marshall, Shellie Mote, Tiger Janus and Arsehole Lashbrook!

Answers on a postcard and sent to Fanny Bones, who will tell if you are correct!

The Pork Swordsman aka The Preston Turd

The reason Chris Brindle, (the 50 year old virgin, and serial public park lurker), has the definition of “Fanny,” pinned to his twitter account, is because he’s never had the experience of “Fanny,” hence pinning a definition of what it is to his Twitter account to remind him, what he’s never had…

A big dick!
Here Emily T describes what a sexual encounter with Brindle is like!

Who Broke the Truce?

Bollocked chinned Mr Leverick has got form for breaking promises and agreements.

Take for example the day after two Sussex Police officers visited my home on a quiet Sunday afternoon in May, to warn me to stop mentioning the cunt in public.

They assured me Mr Leverick would be warned not to mention me too, but low and behold, the very next day, the bollock chinned cunt just couldn’t help himself.

Late October or early November I was doing a live and Mr Leverick came into my chatroom and started to converse!

The conversation ended up with me pledging not to mention him again.

I had every right to mention him, especially considering he broke his agreement with Sussex Police bot to mention me, and secondly he impersonated me, all the while lying that he didn’t.

He proved at that stage that he was a lying cunt.

From my point of view I didn’t ever want to hear the cunt’s name again. He had made false allegations against me to Sussex Police, and after being warned not to mention him, but watching him then mention me, and that Sussex Police were going round do fuck all about it, I was sick and tired of the cunt, and was happy to do anything to distance myself from him.

But alas that’s difficult, when you have a cunt as obsessed and fixated on me, as Mr Leverick evidently is.

So here we have Mr Leverick going public that I’m the one who broke the agreement we made not to mention each other.

(It’s worthy of note that when the agreement was made, he did add that he was happy for me to mention him, but only on the condition it was a “positive” comment.)

Let me assure everyone, it was the bollocked chinned Mr Leverick who broke our agreement, and NOT me!

Whether he wants to say we agreed not to “reference,” or “mention,” each other, reference and mention are pretty much the same.

It’s all about ‘alluding’ to something.

As for example this tweet by the fake satanist and paedophile protector James Lied, who tweeted some bullshit about the UK Online Safety Bill, in which my name was mentioned.

Mr Leverick broke the spirit of our agreement, by commenting, “let’s get this past the post!”

Here is another one, in which I’m being linked to the O9A organization.

Of course, Mr Leverick couldn’t help himself but comment, “as it should be!”

Here is another example, “absolutely justified and appropriate.”

The final sentence mentioned my name, to which the bollock chinned cunt couldn’t control himself, “Hahaaaa! About the final sentence.”

If that’s not alluding to me, I don’t know what is.

There are a few more examples of the cunt indirectly ‘alluding,’ to me.

I haven’t got the screen shot, but James Lied tweeted something derogatory about me, to which he replied, “100% agree!”

Thus the point I’m making is that it was the bollock chinned cunt Mr Leverick who broke our agreement, by being a snidy cunt retweeting, and encouraging his paedo protecting mate James Lied, to mention me.

Whilst he used the words, “integrity,” and “honour,” the facts of his actions are plain to see.

The cunt has form! Once a snidey cunt, always a snidey cunt.

Who’s Stalking Who?

A very interesting thing happened in the early hours of today.

Unable to sleep and fretting over the behaviour of a certain dip-shite individual, who has negatively impacted on my life to such the extent that I’ve been driven into self imposed exile from YouTube; I decided to experiment with the technologies I have available, and do something out of the box.

It was past 2am when I released three minutes of dialogue, which after publishing, I thought better of it and put it on private.

As a well known YouTuber such as myself, I often try out new mediums, new approaches and new ideas. It’s all about pushing the boundaries, breaking new ground and doing things you’ve never done before.

Sometimes it feels right to express yourself, and sometimes it doesn’t.

In the early hours of today, I did something which didn’t feel right, and having released an experimental idea, I thought better of it, and changed my mind, instead putting it onto private.

It was past 2am, who would have noticed. Who would have cared?

Low and behold, within mere minutes of doing it, look what the ManChild posted on his twitter-

Pictures added after the event – otherwise just a black screen!

What the actual funky fuck is he doing?

He accuses me of stalking him, he accuses me of being obsessed and fixated on him, but within minutes of me posted something past 2am in the morning, this snivelling prick has captured my footage, and published it on his twitter!

It goes without saying:

All rights are reserved. No part of any of my publications may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without my prior permission.

I’ve made this declaration before, and other YouTubers are aware that I am liable to put in copyright strikes against anyone who uses my material without my permission.

The ManChild has said it himself, with regards to his own material.

But yet he feels justified in using mine, after I had put it on private, meaning I didn’t want it put out I the public domain.

And what’s all this Hail Satan bullshit? He has the audacity to say I’ve lost the plot, but yet here we have a cunt, (there simply is no better word to describe the snivelling piece of shite,) running to the police claiming I’m stalking him, when he evidently records everything I published, even if it’s a few minutes of experimental rubbish, published in the early hours of the morning.

I would love to know what his magical imaginary hubby makes of all his obsessive behaviour towards me?

A friend once told me that he fancies me!

I’m now pretty sure he does. And the mere thought of it makes me sick!

How many children have suffered as a result of James Hind failing to “identify and removal” paedophiles?

May I remind you all that James Hind pretended to be a 12 year old boy, to identify and remove paedophiles, from a popular online social media site, frequented by children and teenagers.

Hind admits to have identified a paedophile, but choose to NOT identify and remove him, because its not in his “nature,” to “ruin,” the lives of paedophiles, because he doesn’t like that on his mind.

Which begs the question, how many children have suffered because James Hind failed to “identify and remove” paedophiles, as he was tasked to do, as a moderator of a popular children/teenager online social media site.

Question Three!

Question 3: How many paedophiles did James Hind “identify and remove”, while pretending to be a 12 year old boy, moderating on a notorious online media site, frequented by paedophiles, and used by children and teenagers, which was being monitored by police?

James Hind denies he’s/she is Prince Charles, Julian Vayne and/or Samantha Baldwin’s husband!

The fake satanist and paedophile protector could be anyone!

But does even James Hind knows who he/she is?

After all, on its own admission:

“I live in a permanent trap of dissociation, the gift given to me by my childhood abusers, where the world around me, my senses and my feelings don’t feel real, and I live as if in a perpetual film, where I am the observer of my own life, but not the participant.”

READ MORE: “Driven by a feeling of injustice,” by James Hind.

“I am the observer of my own life, but not the participant.”


Is James Hind a satanist?

Is James Hind a paedophile?

Analysing Hind’s response!

The O9A are aware of what James Hind has said about them! (and I would be genuinely terrified too!)

It’s worthy of note, that James Hind has accused the O9A of being a “terrorist network,” which “promotes murder, terrorism, sacrifice and sexual abuse of children.”

While the O9A may forgive anyone for mistaking them for a terrorist network which promotes murder (commonly known as ‘culling,’ in the O9A,) they will most definitely not forgive anyone who accuses them of “sacrifice and sexual abuse of children.”

In fact, the O9A actively ‘cull,’ anyone who promotes the “sacrifice and sexual abuse of children.”

I understand Brent Lee’s reluctance to cover the O9A; I would be genuinely terrified too!

James Hind is correct to say the “O9A are dangerous,” and he is correct to say that “anything written about them will attract their attention.”

May I assure James Hind that the O9A are aware of what has been written about them.

I am not a ‘Walt!’

My number one stalker and resident obsessive has been spreading bullshit about me in the ex-Army “ARRSE” website, resulting in myself now being called a ‘Walt!’

The Toad is Triggered!

The Toad from Germany, aka Tom Niedermeier, has launched yet another attack upon me, and in doing so has broken the anonymity of an innocent woman, who’s only alleged crime is to have “activity encouraged,” me “to be even more sadistic.”

Demonstrating an alarming fixation and obsession about matters that doesn’t concern him, which is having a serious and criminal detrimental effect on women and other Internet users, Tom the Toad violates the principles of his own team at the Hoaxtead Research community, who themselves are quoted to have said, “We vigorously defend our right to post anonymously and stand by that 100%,” by publishing a picture of someone, who’s identify has been anonymous, until the Toad tweeted her picture.

He is falsely accusing Rebecca Wheeler, of having “regularly applauded,” me and to have “cheered him on in hundreds of comments.”

Of course the Toad hasn’t got any evidence to back these claims up, because there is no evidence, based on the truth that Rebecca is an innocent party, tragically finding herself a victim of The Toad, through no fault of her own.

It is very alarming that The Toad should reference my 15 year old daughter.

Tom the Toad is clearly a danger to women and men. His evident obsession and fixation on everything I do and say, is now slipping over and affecting innocent parties.

Harassment & Stalking by Thomas Niedermeier

This is a censored extract from my 65 paged Affidavit, highlighting the harassment and stalking by an individual I know only as Thomas Niedermeier/Tom Niedermeier.

Thomas Niedermeier

(Please note that the YouTube linked are no longer available.)


I continue to receive malicious communications, and suffer harassment and stalking on a daily basis, leaving me extremely alarmed, distressed and living in fear.

Below are a collection of malicious comments which are posted in the comments section of a Youtube channel called, ‘A Slice of Fruitcake,’ written by Tom Neidermeier, who I reasonably believe to be [CENSORED], and ‘A Slice of Fruitcake,’ who I reasonably believe to be Karen Irving, and another person identifying as Chris E, who pretends to be [CENSORED]. Posted between 31 March – 03 April 2020.

Tniedermeier: “Taylor really is a personified catastrophe waiting to happen. A danger to himself and others. Imagine this was one of your neighbours. sigh.””

A Slice of Fruitcake: “The Brighton perv does love the sound of his own voice, doesn’t he. He’s done four live videos so far today, totalling well over 3 hours,,,”

Chris e: “So , did the porky perv from brighton just get another visit at the end of his live, or is he just after attention again ?”

A Slice of Fruitcake: “Well, he’s live again now. So let’s go check…”

Chris e: “How is what Matt does not political fraud? He pretends to be a candidate/representative and asks for donations . Surely thats illegal?”

Tniedermeier: “Taylor really is a phenomenon. I am looking forward to visit him in prison.”

A Slice of Fruitcake: “We’re going to report you to Sussex Police, Matt. Thanks for asking. #AnotherBailBreach

SubJudice #ContemptOfCourt #HoleDigging”

Tniedermeier: “A Slice of Fruitcake That idiot. He really needs to be banned from
internet access.”

A Slice of Fruitcake: “Matt’s daily live crap. Today he talks about [CENSORED] “satanists” and claims to be a victim of “an occult sect” and “an alleged cult leader”: He also calls on the UK and US media to pick up on it and admits to sharing Jesus’s stuff (on [CENSORED] far and wide.”

Tniedermeier: “A Slice of Fruitcake Imagine the amount of internet bandwidth wasted by deluded idiots like Taylor or Devine. They should be limited in some way. Good that only very few people watch this sad, evil rubbish. The video from my last coloscopy had more viewers. And it looked better and was more entertaining, too.“

Tniedermeier: “When you really contemplate the existence of extraterrestrial live, you get another reason to lock Taylor up. Imagine ET landing and encountering him as first human. They will likely look at him, conclude “no intelligence in this lifeform, but a series of very dangerous genetic and evolutionary defects”, jump back into their spaceship and destroy the planet to keep the biohazard from spreading.”

I am unable to post anything on my Facebook page, without it being copied, stored, shared and lambasted by the person who I reasonably believe to be [CENSORED].

For example, I wish to evidence this comment by Walter Neidermeier – walter
Niedermeier: “The numpties are in full bullshit mode. Taylor is selling footage from the TV series„ the royals“ as real. What a pathetic loser”

In this comment directed towards another victim of their Hoaxtead Research
community gang stalking called Tracey Benjamin, we read how they congratulated
themselves on intentionally triggering people, which I know from personal experience, causing immense distress, alarm and fear.
Tniedermeier: “She got so paranoid that she thinks everyone is me. I always include my name in my avatars, in contrary to her. Even in her trolling she sucks. My last message to her”

A Slice of Fruitcake: “@tniedermeier Wait – I thought I was you! That’s what they told
me anyway. Great work triggering her, btw”

A Slice of Fruitcake: “More of Taylor loving the sound of his own voice. We get another honourable mention, btw. We’ve triggered him again 🤭”

Tniedermeier: “No Matt. My goal is get you for life. Locked up, that is. Have a nice
day. And try the slider labeled “Volume” next time.”

Malicious communications received from other members of the Hoaxtead Research
Community, include the following from Alan Mitchell via Skype;
Alan, 12:34 on 04/04/2020: “Dont worry matty you will be in jail soon getting sore knees and biteing your pillow.”
Alan, 12:42 on 04/04/2020: “When you goto jail matt it will be like the scene from
deliverance squeeel little piggy.”

And Sam Best, 04/04/2020 via Youtube comments:
“Fucking nutcase. Just watching Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur and it reminded me of the
complete failure and fantasist in Brighton who thinks he is a Hollywood film producer
and a would- be Harvey Weinstein. Has about the talent of Harvey’s little finger but about as ugly as Harve and that’s..pretty fucking ugly. What a goose. Still, suppose it takes all kinds but honestly I hope to God there are no more Matt Taylor’s ? out there seeing they did away with Loony Bins. Whatever happened to that Wood Chipper bloke? Still incarcerated?. They might let him out now with this virus even though he probably thinks it’s all a plot.”

On 05/04/2020, a video was uploaded to the Youtube account of Paddy McCarthy,
which publicises my 2018 sentence against [CENSORED].

The first comment under the video is by Tniedermeier, who comments; “This is to the point. Thanks for uploading.”

Another video uploaded on 26/12/2019, to a Youtube account called Brain Washed,
again publicises my conviction for stalking and harassment and the allegation of the
possession and making of child pornography.

I am subjected to this constant, fixated, unwanted, obsessive and malicious
behaviour, on a daily basis, as are many others.

Other people who have reported themselves as victims of the Hoaxtead Research
community include:
:Andrew : Devine,
Angela Power-Disney,
Jake Clarke,
Neelu Berry,
Edward Ellis,
John Paterson,
Kaley Einav,
Tracey Benjamin,
UK Fraud & Corruption,
Androulla Theodorou ,
Deborah Mahmoudieh ,
John Banks ,
Lee Cant ,
Belinda McKenzie ,
Sabine McNeill and Jon Wedger.

Exhibited as AD/01, an email from :Andrew :Devine dated 9 April 2020, confirming as
first hand witness, of information provided within this Affidavit as true and correct.

Unable to fully chronicle the full extent of the daily abuse I receive, I wish to exhibit
the following links as MT/10, as examples of the malicious comments and stalking I’m a victim of.,

I also wish to exhibit MT/11, three youtube videos, you also chronicle the malicious
abuse I’m receiving.

My mental health has been deteriorating steadily since 2017, and I am so concerned that I am taking steps to contact mental health authorities, with the aim of an assessment and request for help.

I wish to exhibit as UGS/01, Youtube video uploaded by Kaley Einav, to her Youtube account called, UmbrellaGrape Solutions, in which she also chronicles the malicious harassment and stalking she receives on a daily basis.

I wish to exhibit as UKF/01, two Youtube videos published to a Youtube channel
called UK Fraud and Corruption, which presents new information linking [CENSORED], to serious child abuse, including child snuff movies and child trafficking. This information has been forwarded to the police and security intelligence agencies.

On Tuesday 26 May 2020, I was provided with new information from :Andrew
:Devine, proving that Tom Niedermeier, (whom I had reasonably believed to be a sock puppet account used by [CENSORED],) wasn’t [CENSORED]. I exhibit this as AD/02.

I continue to reasonably believe [CENSORED] is either accessing Tom Niedermeier’s accounts or encouraging him to send me malicious communications, in light of a comment that both Tom Niedermeier, and a sock puppet account, called The Fruitcake Muncher’s Club (whom I reasonable believe is Karen Irving), have a “mutual Friend.”

  1. Tom Niedermeier uses three accounts to leave malicious communications, of which I contend could be shared with others.

I continue to received daily malicious communications from Tom Niedermeier, with a selection below:

Meghan Markle’s Open Letter to Congress. (Nancy Pelosi)

“I’m not an elected official, and I’m not a politician. I am, like many, an engaged citizen and a parent.”

“Like any parents, we were overjoyed. Like many parents, we were overwhelmed.”

“Like fewer parents, we weren’t confronted with the harsh reality of either spending those first few critical months with our baby or going back to work.”

“As a mom” to advocate for paid leave as the party´s lawmakers debate whether the provision will make it into President Joe Biden´s sweeping Build Back Better social spending bill.

The “sacred” importance of being able to take Lilibet home after her birth and devote “any and everything to our kids and to our family.”

“We knew that by doing so we wouldn’t have to make impossible choices about childcare, work, and medical care that so many have to make every single day.”

Paid family leave should be “a national right, rather than a patchwork option limited to those whose employers have policies in place, or those who live in one of the few states where a leave program exists.”

“I know how politically charged things can — and have — become.”

“But this isn’t about Right or Left, it’s about right or wrong.”

The Seven Tenets according to Matt Taylor!

TST Tenet One – Acting with Compassion and Empathy

One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason.

I love ❤ animals, and miss my pet, Ginger, who entered the realms of Santa last year, having developed Leukemia.

One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason.

I’m happy to live by TST’s Tenet One, because it doesn’t entail a life style change for me.

I do act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason.

I wouldn’t hurt a fly, but if I was hungry enough, I could easily slaughter my pet cat, skin it, degut it, and roast it in the oven for my Sunday roast!

As TST clearly states in its first tenet:


Tenant Two – The Struggle for Justice!

The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.

I couldn’t agree more. The Satanic Temple’s second tenant lays at the very heart ❤ of my being.

The Struggle for Justice is an “ongoing and necessary pursuit.”

I know better than anyone what ‘injustice,’ feels like.

I’ve been cruelly and falsely labelled “a stalker”, “predator” and “paedophile”, all the while describing myself as an investigative journalist, a law abiding citizen, and well respected in my community as a family man.

Read my latest investigative investigation at my Taylor’s Freedom, Is James Hind a paedophile?

I know better than anyone the struggle for justice. My own struggle against injustice is ongoing and necessary, because my good name and character is at stake.

My Future is at stake! All I want is a fair crack at the whip!

A fair chance to shine in life, without being thrown mud by the jealous and talent-less front row!

I only attack, when attacked.

This is the reason I promote New Zealand Moai Paramount King John Wanoa.

Under the authority their Queenie, they came for me, and as a result I am now obliged to “prevail”, and overthrow the “laws and institutions,” of Her Majesty’s Government, to get the justice I deserve, paying homage to The Satanic Temple’s second tenet of The Struggle for Justice.

Is it all making sense now?

The common question any anarchist is asked, is what they would replace the dethroned system with?

My answer is to replace the Queen with Surrogate King William IV John Wanoa.

What better way in life, than to pay homage to The Satanic Temple’s Second Tenet of the Struggle for Justice, and prevailing over laws and institutions, than to champion John Wanoa, a King from the other side of the world in New Zealand, as the lawful Trustee of the British and Commonwealth Royal Empire. (and all the wealth that comes with it,) and the start of the new Moai Rogan Royal Dynasty, replacing the Royal House of Windsor, who’s British rule began back in 1714, when the House of Hanover, took over from The House of Stuart 1603-1714.

In practice dethroning Queen Elizabeth II and bringing to an end of yet perverted, mad and corrupt foreign European royal dynasty.

Only a Monarch can dethrone a Monarch. Only a King can kill a Queen on the chess board.

Tenet Three: One’s Body is Inviolable!

One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.

No one is violating my body, unless I want them to. No one is going to slice off a slab of human flesh from my thigh, unless I’m invited to dinner too!

But alas, if you haven’t got the will to save yourself, according to my reason (Tenet One: Compassion and Empathy to all creatures, within reason!)

I am justified to cull.

Abortion is now a TST religious ceremony!

Hail Santa 🎅 ❤

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Tenet Four – Freedom to Offend!

The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo one’s own.

Fuck you all motherfuckers!

As with TST Tenet 2, Struggle for Justice, I too have lived my life on the fundamental value of respecting other’s freedoms, including the freedom to offend.

All too often, fake satanists such as Noncey-nonce-boy, JoKing and James Hind, are offended and run to the police to complain, rather than respecting the freedom to offend, as TST Tenet 4 shows us.

“To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo one’s own.”

The trio of fake satanists and impostors in The Satanic Temple willfully and unjustly encroach upon my freedoms, because they aren’t intelligent enough to respond to me, without complaining to police that I’ve “offended” them!

Noncey-nonce-boy, a well known troll, who prides himself on his psychological targeting of his victims, can partake in adult sexually conversation with his peers, but when I make a visible representation of what they discussed, I am deemed rude, and they complain of me being too “offensive.”

I’ve lost count how many times Shellie May, Tink and Nadia Marshall have publicly berated me for being “rude.”

The world really is full of snowflakes, or rather ‘arse-wipes,’ as I like to call them!

There was once a harden police chief who took offence that I compared her to a “whore”, as in a whore to the corporate political cycle of going through one door and another.

She took offence at being called a Nazi, because I compared her Conservative Party to the nasty nazi party.

“Oh gosh Kevin, he saying I’m a member of the Nasty Nazi Party, call the boys, he’s calling me a Nazi and that’s OFFENSIVE!”

I’d only ask the Police Chief in question to contact David ‘Joe’ Neilson, (who remains in hiding too scared to return home in fear of his live by Sussex Police,) in relation any allegations of being involved in a murder cover-up of Katrina Taylor, and the historical child abuse cover-up of John Lenard-Walson.

John Lenard-Walson is an (acclaimed by Nasa) Astrological Photographer.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel for superb up close views of the moon and secret spacecraft circling the Earth.

David Joe Neilson remains in hiding somewhere in Scotland, too scared to return to his home near Brighton, in fear Sussex Police (and organised crime working together,) will kill him.

Joe Neilson

Read more: The Cover-up of the Katrina Murder in Brighton 1996. Who’s repercussions are still being felt today!

To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo one’s own.

I hold Tenet Four so dear to my life because I have been sinned so much in life by people who have willfully and unjustly encroach upon my freedoms; and having done so, bring about their own demise by forgoing their own freedoms in the process.

Its a simple premise I’ve held dear to my heart since childhood.

Do unto others, and others do to you!

As a dangerous psychopath and a son of a more dangerous satanic cult leader, I prefer to give back 100 times the hurt and pain my enemies bestowed upon me by their actions.

Fake Satanist James Hind willfully and unjustly encroached upon my freedoms, by publicly stating that he haven’t “forgotten,” about my involvement in the harassment of innocent parents, in some region of the UK, in which I couldn’t care less!

The same fake satanic member of The Satanic Temple, vows to “keep an eye” on me! WTF?

Read more:

Fake Satanist James Hind is indirectly abusing my kids!

And extract from ‘Analysing Hind’s Response!’

All my enemies have used the “I’m offended,” attack against me.

One of the reasons I’ve joined The Satanic Temple is because I only want a fair crack at the whip. A fair chance in life to be the best and market my talents.

If you can’t beat them, join them!

Who needs Jesus at Christmas?

I used that same logic 25 years ago when I joined the Army as a Royal Military Policeman, and look where that got me!

Read Taylor Tales – A collection of twenty true life stories..

As with being a Royal Military Policeman, being the best is a daily routine.

My enemies simply cannot answer back to my superior intelligence and argument. I am the best. I am the Daddy. And all they need to do now is drop to their knees and repeat after me!


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Tenet Five – Conforming to Science!

Beliefs should conform to one’s best scientific understanding of the world. One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one’s beliefs.

For example I believe in angels, demons and aliens.

Until I am given complete access to all military secret files, I’ll continue to believe, (based on my best scientific understanding of the world), that reptilian indigenous aliens to Earth, control the destiny of Mankind through the manipulation via the media, education, entertainment and morality.

Going into space felt like death!
Read Where Jesus is Buried by Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett

I will ❤ always conform to science!

Tenet VI – To Right the Wrong’s of Mankind.

People are fallible. If one makes a mistake, one should do one’s best to rectify it and resolve any harm that might have been caused.

To right the wrong of Mankind.

Tenet Seven – Every tenet is a guiding principle.

Every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in action and thought. The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word.

Tenet Five – Conforming to Science!

Beliefs should conform to one’s best scientific understanding of the world. One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one’s beliefs.

For example I believe in angels, demons and aliens.

Until I am given complete access to all military secret files, I’ll continue to believe, (based on my best scientific understanding of the world), that reptilian indigenous aliens to Earth, control the destiny of Mankind through the manipulation via the media, education, entertainment and morality.

Going into space felt like death!
Read Where Jesus is Buried by Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett

I will ❤ always conform to science!

Satan Hunter Jeanette Archer goes “full blown Lizard.” By James Hind

Less than a week after a low profile protest at Windsor Castle, where Jeanette Archer made the Queen and the Prince Philip the stars of a story of them shapechanging into lizards in front of the eyes of Archer, before indulging in hunts, torture and rape of Archer and other children, Archer made lizards the centre stage of her evolving narrative in her latest video live stream.

This was now a war between humanity and the lizards announced Archer, with the lizards determined to wipe out humanity.

As one Twitter observer put it, Archer had gone “full blown lizard”.

Read more at SatanicViews.

Go Archer Go

Matt Taylor 49th Birthday Party with Danny Jones & The Legend Plisko.

Matt Taylor 49th Birthday Party with Danny Jones & The Legend Plisko
Featuring the xunt from Germany!

Other comments include:

“a turd that just won’t flush…”

“We all will celebrate. [Me in prison] It just takes a nudge now!”

“What a psycho. He needs sections. This will go to K___ B_____, too.”

“Taylor is a sad waste of human tissue.”

“Imagine you are the daughter of this weirdo and your school friends see this on YouTube. What an embarrassment.”

“Taylor is a danger to children and pets.”


“The blokes mental and so are his sick messed up harem of losers.”

Choose Taylor Services to fulfil all your sexual needs!

“Danny Jones is a legend.”

Mentioned on

Just another normal chapter in the crazy life of Satan Hunter Matt Taylor

The Satan Hunter Matt Taylor continues with his bizarre updates from his crazy life with further information of an alleged police investigation into his activities with boys in a wood, in which he claims was sexual in nature and involved showing the boys illegal videos. Taylor claimed:

Father of two, Matt Taylor 50 from Brighton, arrested in CHRISTMAS HORROR SHOCKER!

Hiding in his own home for five days, before Sussex Police threatened to smash his door in, ex-RMP Soldier Matt Taylor was arrested for taking three 15-year-old boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of beheadings.

Six months on Sussex Police continue their investigations, citing delays on accessing Taylor’s IT equipment.

Are you Matt Taylor?

He was asked whether he was Matt Taylor, by three teenagers on his way home from the shops one Saturday night, claiming to be big fans of his popular Matt Taylor TV YouTube shows; he had no idea, that his world was about to be turned upside down, for the fifth or sixth time, in as many years.

Walking home and chatting with three teenage boys, (one of whom Taylor recognized as being his daughter’s classroom friend, whom he has known all his life), has resulted in a serious allegation being made that Matt Taylor incited three teenage boys to come into the woods with him, after showing them videos of beheadings on his mobile phone.

Matt Taylor 05/07/21 on


“Do you want to know why they chant? because they worship Satan. It’s why they are called satanists, which is why this is called satanic ritual abuse.

Loud chanting, Blood drinking; a child will be laid out and they will make a cut in the side of the throat, and they will bleed out, but before the child’s cut and bled out, they will be tortured, they will be tortured to a point of such heightened terror, that their blood is adrenalized, filled with adrenaline. It’s called adrenochrome and every single one of these scum drink it.”

Horrifying the crowd gathered, a member of the public shouted, “You’ve been lied to since day one you are whole lives have been a lie.”

Jeanette Archer continued, “Every single one of these people drink it, and that’s why they start to chant because they start drinking the adrenalized blood”.

“The Queen and Prince Phillip are not Human!” claims SRA survivor and whistle-blower Jeanette Archer.

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) survivor Jeanette Archer, has upped the ante against the British Windsor Royal family, by publicly claiming the Queen and Prince Phillip are shape shifting reptilians.

“They are reptilians, they shape shift from human form into lizard form. I saw this with my own eyes, many many times, and trust me when I tell you they are the most evil, evil creatures that you could possibly imagine on this planet.”

Following on from her appearance outside Downing Street on Sat 15 May 2021, where she accused PM Boris Johnson of being a satanist, to Sat 26 June 2021, where outside Buckingham Palace she accused the Windsor royal family of being in a satanic cult, Archer has now gone further, by accusing the Royals of being tall lizard like shape shifting reptilian creatures.

Calling Boris Johnson a satanist outside Downing Street in London on 15 May 2021

Calling the Windsor royal family satanists outside Buckingham Palace on 26 June 2021

Displaying a prominent banner outside Windsor Castle on Thursday 14 Oct 2021, with the words, “Exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse,” Jeanette Archer revealed profoundly disturbing, alarming and earth shattering allegations against Queen Elizabeth II, and her now dead husband, Prince Phillip. 

“The Queen and Prince Philip are not human.”

Making it clear to the audience that she was speaking from her “own experiences,” Archer said, “I’ve been mocked, I’ve been laughed at, I’ve been attacked, I’ve been through every single thing you could imagine by trying to get this truth out there. I couldn’t give a flying f*** what you would like, I am going to tell you the truth. They are reptilians, they shape shift from human form into lizard form. I saw this with my own eyes, many many times, and trust me when I tell you, they are the most evil, evil creatures that you could possibly imagine on this planet.”

Either the most incredible and heroic whistleblower to ever blow the lid on what’s really happening today in our world, or just a delusional nuthead who’s best served by the men with straight-jackets; Archer has thrown a grenade of epic proportions into the continuing story of one of the most secretive families in the world.

The Windsor Royal Family!

Archer’s words are left hanging in the air:

“They are reptilians, they shape shift from human form into lizard form. I saw this with my own eyes, many many times, and trust me when I tell you, they are the most evil, evil creatures that you could possibly imagine on this planet.”

For the first time in modern recorded history, albeit, self proclaimed, a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse is claiming to have witnessed, (with their own eyes), Queen Elizabeth II, “shape shift from human form into lizard form.”

Any news editor across the world would be obliged to report on such an event, and as the recipient of The Golden Ticket of Credibility by The Book of Revelation, I am happy to be the first alternative or mainstream news platform, to report on this earth shattering event.

Matt Taylor’s Golden Ticket of Credibility

“The Queen and Prince Philip are not human.”


The Queen is the Master of Ceremonies

“The Queen would come out last because she was the master of ceremonies. Just like she leads this country, (and Prince Philip is always second), she would come out last. She was the master of ceremonies, and she would walk out and there would be a glitching process that goes on, and she would turn around and stare straight into my eyes as if it was my turn on the concrete slab, and she would make me watch her change. Her face would change first.”

“Glitching Process!”

“She would make me watch her change. Her face would change first.”

“The Queen, she would turn and look at me, she would turn and look at me and make me stare her in the face while she glitched and went through human form to reptilian form, she would turn around and I could just see the back of her, and this was the same routine every single time. She would then change in physical form, and she would become very very tall. I can’t tell you how tall, I don’t know, but very very tall, very tall, very thin.”



Mocked as an Urban Myth, by satanists across the world, Jeanette Archer is heroically blowing the lid off the dark, sinister and nefarious black market trade of adrenalized blood; widely regarded as the most powerful and addictive drug in the world.

Claiming to have personally been present as a child at various satanic rituals at Royal residences such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, Archer lays bare the shocking truth about the international trade in children’s adrenalised blood.

“Do you want to know why they chant? because they worship Satan. It’s why they are called satanists, which is why this is called satanic ritual abuse.

Loud chanting, Blood drinking; a child will be laid out and they will make a cut in the side of the throat, and they will bleed out, but before the child’s cut and bled out, they will be tortured, they will be tortured to a point of such heightened terror, that their blood is adrenalized, filled with adrenaline. It’s called adrenochrome and every single one of these scum drink it.”

Horrifying the crowd gathered, a member of the public shouted, “You’ve been lied to since day one you are whole lives have been a lie.”

Archer continued, “Every single one of these people drink it, and that’s why they start to chant because they start drinking the adrenalized blood”.

WARNING: Revealed in shocking graphic detail, Archer bravely bears her soul to the audience, as she shares her own horrific experience of being a victim of SRA.

“For me, the mass ritual would be; I would be held in captivity for 3 days beforehand, no food no water, left naked chained up in the cold, they called it a cleansing process. I’d have tubes stuck down my throat and other parts of my body to flush me out, they wanted my body pure as possible, because they believe that’s what Satan wants.

And then before the ritual, two to three days in, I would be drugged, injected, or given a drink, and I would be led out to mass rituals in a white gown, that they would put on me right at the last minute. I’d be led out and I’d be held on a concrete slab.

My legs would be taken apart and so would my arms. I would be watching other concrete slabs where children were being tortured and bloodletting, which they would be drinking.

I was never the one that was killed, but believe me, there were many many times where I begged for that to happen, because it was far easier than staying alive and living through this.

I would be the one on the concrete slab, that’s then would be raped by every single person in the circle. the satanists would come over one at a time, and do whatever they wanted to do, step back and the next person would come forward.

These are mass rituals, this was my experience, this is what happened to me here. [Pointing in the direction of Windsor Castle,] This is what happened to me in Buckingham Palace. It goes on in Balmoral by our royals. The Queen was there.”

“The Queen was there.”

Confirming claims first made by David Icke, as far back as 1991, that the Royal family are blood sucking alien lizards, Archer has continued to defy her critics and skeptics, by bravely confronting the Royal family head on.

“I’ve been mocked, I’ve been laughed at, I’ve been attacked, I’ve been through every single thing you could imagine by trying to get this truth out there. I couldn’t give a flying f*** what you react like, I am going to tell you the truth.”

Leading the charge in discrediting Archer, her distractors include Fake Satanist James Hind, Permanently Pissed Sharon Gale, Viking Warrior/Witch Shellie Mote and Failed Investigator Fanny Bones.

“Prince Philip will already be in reptilian form.”

“I never saw him change from reptilian to human, I just used to see him change back. But it was all about her, she would come out when everyone had done the blood drinking and she would then change, she would glitch. I wish this was not true because it’s a whole other level of what the world needs to know. You need to wake up to the fact that everything you think you know to be true, is a lie. Everything you think to be true is a lie.”

Possibly the most important news article ever written in the history of British journalism, Guerrilla Democracy News is the only news platform in the world, to report on this Earth-Shattering Exclusive, that the bravest whistle-blower in the world, Jeanette Archer, has come forward to reveal to the world, that Queen Elizabeth (and her now dead husband) are shape shifting lizards, who drink the adrenalised blood of babies and children.

This is the news which the mainstream media dare not report!

“I plead with people to find the courage to know the truth because I’ve said this right from the beginning, imagine what it’s like to actually go through this? I know it’s horrific to hear if it is your first time. I know a defence mechanism happens, it’s OK I forgive you.

This didn’t just happen to me, it happens all over the world, it’s been happening for decades and decades and it is still going on now. So many hundreds of thousands of children go missing every single year, and our civil servants will be able to vouch for this, and it’s not on the mainstream is it? it doesn’t get out there.

Over a hundred thousand children went missing in the UK last year, did you hear about them? No, it gets buried. Where do you think they go? In their and all the other estates, Crown Estates.

Satanic cults take the children, they send people out with shopping lists, and you can see them upping the ante now, white vans, black vans, with your blacked out windows. You will see it, they are snatching children off the street, why isn’t it on mainstream media every single night, why? Why is there a cover up?”

“When the world truly knows the truth, then it will be stopped, we need to find the courage.”


“I would witness many many many children and babies being murdered, but not before they were tortured, and not before their blood was being drunk.

For me the end of a ritual would be; I would be put in a coffin, that was made to measure for me, and I’d be buried in the ground.

Some days I didn’t know when, or how long I’ll be there. Other days I would just be chucked back into the dungeons or tortured some more, which was actually more the norm in this place because they had to guarantee my silence. So I would be sent back down after these mass rituals for more torture, more torture, more being chained to the wall, more being sent to the man and the woman.

The other thing they do to mess with people, and to make sure we never stand up in court, is that they have torturers in judges uniforms, but let me tell you, they’re real judges.

So at the end of mass rituals, and they said to you, “go to the judges”, you knew where you had to go. I’d have to go off to a little hut where these three judges were, and I would torture me for hours, speaking in my ear while another one was torturing me to guarantee my silence. Let me tell you, these people in here, will do whatever it takes. People have been murdered for speaking out. 

But I will not live my life in fear, these people will not take one more day from me, and when I decided to speak out against them I knew I would be taking a huge risk. But I’m not afraid of them anymore, there is nothing else they can do to me.

What matters now are the children still in there. That it’s still happening today, there are the ones that matter.

If you think your children are safe, then more fool you, there is not one child on this planet that are safe, trust me when I tell you, they need that adrenochrome. They are addicted to that adrenochrome. It is the most powerful and addictive drug on this planet and they do whatever it takes, whatever it takes to keep their supply going.”




The Bavarian Monster calls for me to be “Vaccinated, Chipped and Castrated”, and not a whimper from anyone, I casually remark that “I would happily throttle him to death,” and everyone is in uproar, accusing me of delivering death threats!


Beware of the Bavarian Monster!

Headlines hitting YouTube in the wake of last night’s TaylorTV! Show.

Matt Taylor in Trouble, Removing TA Rogers Comments

Matt Taylor making death threats to Thomas Needa-I-dont-know-to-spell-his-name-Wanker.

Matt Taylor says about Tom N…. “I’d very happily throttle him to death!”

I’d very happily throttle anyone to death, who wants me to be vaccinated, chipped, castrated and jailed.

Must Watch!

Who are you Walter?

The adventures of the Fruitcake nutters

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The Bavarian Monster on the Record

The Bavarian Monster on the Record Part 2

“I will get you locked up arsehole!”

Those Meddling Kids

Matt Taylor is the Joker!

“Driven by a feeling of injustice!”

Sourced from

An angry e-mail. “You hypocritical lying b*d” ! accused the e-mail. If e-mails could burst into flames, this was one. “I don’t know what your agenda is” said the e-mail. It was like a question mark that stood a second in the air, then ignited to ash.

Such is the life of fighting Satan Hunters, my social media posts will upset someone. Today, it was the turn of a former ally against the Satan Hunters, who stood in line with the Satan Hunters to find fault with my deeds and words. It is a wise person to see in the conflicts of life an opportunity to test truth, and the indignant scribe did raise a good question: “What is my agenda in fighting the Satan Hunters?”

Reality testing is important to me, so I ask questions of my motivations, thoughts and feelings all the time. I live in a permanent trap of dissociation, the gift given to me by my childhood abusers, where the world around me, my senses and my feelings don’t feel real, and I live as if in a perpetual film, where I am the observer of my own life, but not the participant. As the only cause of a million causes I could have fought, fighting Satan Hunters is the cause I feel motivated to throw my life behind, at a vast expense of money, energy and time out of my life; so the question of what my agenda is in fighting Satan Hunters is an important one.

The day before the fiery e-mail landed in my inbox, I learned of a new addition to my family. The photo I saw of the newborn baby was cute: a sleeping infant in the embrace of the mum, trusting, safe and secure. My busy brain got to work when I saw that picture of the baby: was I fighting the Satan Hunters to make a safer world for this baby? What I noted in my reaction to the baby, was that I did not want that baby to suffer the experience of Child A in the Wilfred Wong case, or the [censored] children, the prey of Satan Hunters. It was not so much that I wanted to make a better world for the baby to live in, but a strong desire that the baby would not suffer the injustice of the child victims of Satan Hunters.

It is a feeling rather than a value, ideal or principle that drives my fight against the Satan Hunters. It is a feeling that is difficult to describe: a burning outrage that rises up whenever I encounter it; and woe those that triggered it. Born no doubt from my own childhood abuse experiences of adults and people in authority using their power against my vulnerablity, this feeling against injustice rises when I encounter someone in power harming something that is weak or vulnerable. Although it rises at harm done to animals, the feeling rises more so when children suffer injustice.

Although those who campaign for children talk about an ideal set in a future, I exist outside of time: so past, present and future mean nothing to me. The feeling of injustice is what matters, and motivates me. I have tried to rectify injustices done to children that happened hundreds of years in the past. I am committed to fighting long wars that will last years and decades against the Satan Hunters, and against the Social Media companies that enabled those Satan Hunters. Of the Social Media companies, nothing short of their destruction would satisfy me. I supported Brexit, even campaigned for it, only because the EU gave the Satan Hunter Sabine McNeill a platform to speak. Satan Hunters such as Becki Percy and Angela Power Disney underestimate the pure resolve I have to bring them to justice. All this driven by my feeling of injustice.

The kidnapping of Child A by Satan Hunter Wilfred Wong and his gang; the torture and release of intimate details of the children in the [censored] SRA Hoax, sent my feeling of injustice into full blaze; except there is no heat, but a deadly darkest winter that would instantly frostbite anyone close to it’s embrace. Winter is Coming is a good saying for any Satan Hunter I feel my sense of injustice against.

What Satan Hunters really mean when they say they are fighting for the children, is that children are their pawns to an end such as fame, money, power, revenge and ideology. The children the Satan Hunters come into contact with are preyed upon by Satan Hunters: Child A and another child in the kidnapping by Wilfred Wong have PTSD, probably for life; the children in the [censored] case, now in their teens, who must face the humiliation of their faces, names, medical reports, and intimate video tapes circulating constantly on the internet thanks to the Satan Hunters. The [censored] children can enjoy no teen life in anything that gives them media or internet publicity, because of the Satan Hunters, who will stalk and harass; not even the successful little business that won the [censored] children a major award a few years ago, ruined because of Satan Hunters.

It is the case that when I fight for Child A or the [censored] children, their injustice reminds me of the injustice done to me as a child. And when I look at the newborn baby in my own family, all I see is a child I am motivated to protect from the same injustice.

So, the answer to the question “What is my agenda in fighting the Satan Hunters?” It is a feeling of injustice that fuels my passion and focus to prevent children from experiencing the feeling of injustice I suffered, which children are now experiencing at the hands of Satan Hunters.

When Satan Hunters such as Jeanette Archer says she will sacrifice her life for the “children”, her words are empty; she has agendas like power, fame and money driving her. Archer is a coward, and would throw a child under a bus, if it served her agenda. No children will ever be saved by Archer; her harvest is a trail of broken children.

In the cold winter darkness something is following Jeanette Archer. The Winter is Coming, and it will never stop, because a feeling of injustice drives it onwards; that no army, mountain or god can stop. And woe to any Satan Hunter the angry wintery shadow with a frosty passion will challenge, because this type of champion will die in the embrace of it’s passion. It might not be noble values, ideals and principles that drives a wintery creature, but a feeling of injustice; although the end state is the same, children benefit, Satan Hunters do not.

The last time James referred to me as a Satan Hunter, was by Tweet on Friday 8 Oct 2021
I know who you are! 😏

Rumour has it……

According to Brian Hurle, of The Dream Team fame, Troll King Alan Mitchell, aka Plisko The Leg End, was arrested today at 11am by police in Torquay Devon.

More on this breaking story, as further information comes to light…..